Fundraising Ideas – Volunteer Card

Fundraising Ideas

Raise funds for your volunteer trip

1. Host a themed event
Who doesn’t love a good theme party? We’ve heard lots of stories about folks raising big money throwing a luau, fancy dinner party, costume gala, and more. With the holidays coming up, there is always opportunity for an ugly sweater party or a reenactment of the first Thanksgiving dinner. Get creative, and then get passionate! If you’re excited about your event, your guests will be too.

2. Partner with a fundraising organization like Missions Connex
If you’re a faith-based volunteer or nonprofit organization, our friends at Missions Connex want to help you out. Missions Connex provides online fundraising software to help you raise more money faster and easier than ever.

Sending out support letters can be cumbersome and not always the most effective method to raise funds. Mission Connex will give you the tools you need to create custom fundraising page that can be sent to your entire social network – and they can donate online! Check them out here.

3. Bake cookies for the holidays
Having a bake sale is an age-old fundraising trick, but how about creating cookies and baked good plates for members of your community to buy and give to friends and neighbors? Decorate and get as festive as you’d like.

4. Organize a tournament
People love to win. Dodgeball, basketball, ping-pong, Texas Hold ‘Em, Halo, Twister, ice hockey… the list goes on and on. Think of something popular and fun in your community and organize a tournament with prizes and hype. This will definitely put the FUN in fundraising for everyone involved.