How to Protect Your Luggage

Keep your things safe

Having your personal items lost or stolen on a trip can be very frustrating. If this does happen to you, know that we’re here to help with filing a claim and replacing the lost contents of your bag. To help you protect your luggage while traveling, here are five practical things you can do.

1. Tags. Don’t just settle for the paper luggage tags that the airlines offer you at check-in. Ensure that all items have clear, sturdy luggage tags that won’t tear off. Make sure you record good contact information where you can be reached even while traveling.

2. Lock up. Placing even a small lock or strap around your bag will act as a deterrent to thief’s. However, if you’re flying make sure you use TSA-approved locks that can be opened by customs inspectors.

3. Stand out. A brightly colored bag, luggage tag or strap reduces the risk of your luggage being mistakenly claimed by another passenger.

4. Timing. Make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time to get your bags checked. Avoid tight connections and make sure to ask the airlines if your bag will automatically be transferred. Finally, go straight to the luggage carousel once you’ve arrived and cleared customs.

5. Travel Insurance. Always have adequate travel insurance, even if traveling for short periods or domestically. Insurance covers not only loss and theft, but can also provide a clothing allowance if luggage is delayed. Make sure you keep receipts for your possessions where possible or consider making a photographic record of luggage contents, in case you need to make a claim. More info on baggage insurance here.


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