International Accident Protection – Volunteer Card

International Accident Protection

Protect yourself from injury

All Volunteer Card plans include coverage for international destinations. Compare plans to see which coverage level is best for you.


International Accident Protection

International Accident InsuranceIf you get sick or injured while on your trip, your Volunteer Card insurance plan will reimburse you for your covered expenses.

Covered Medical Expenses

If you get sick or injured while abroad and go to the hospital, the Volunteer Card insurance plan provides up to the maximum benefit allowed under your plan to cover medical bills while on your covered trip.


In the event of an injury or sickness:
1. Immediately go to the local medical facility to be treated or contact the 24/7 emergency Travel Assistance hotline to receive assistance on location of and transportation to the safest, nearest hospital. Obtain receipts from the providers of service, etc., stating the amount paid and an incident report listing the diagnosis and treatment.

2. Keep all original medical bills, receipts and reports for the medical expenses you plan to claim.

Also, check out our tips on avoiding claims issues and instructions on making a claim.