Medical Emergencies – Volunteer Card

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, please call*:

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

Within USA & Canada (toll-free):1.844.359.0417
Outside USA & Canada (collect):00 1.443.275.6001

Be sure to use the appropriate country code when calling (when calling the US, you will use 001). In some countries, you may be required to connect to the operator before making an international collect call. Simply call the operator and inform them that you need to make a collect call, then give them the number that you need to dial. Have ready your plan name for claims, which is found on the front of your Volunteer Card (see right).

Trained agents will offer you the help that you need, including arrangements for emergency evacuation, transportation to medical facilities, location of the nearest safest hospital, and additional services, as listed here.

Volunteer Card staff will not be able to properly assist you in the event of a medical emergency and will refer you to the 24/7 Emergency Assistance provider.

*If you hold a 365 Plan or 365 Sport Plan and are in need of emergency assistance, please call 1-855-851-2970 (Continental USA) or 001-317-833-1707 (International)