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Trip Cancellation Coverage

How does Trip Cancellation and Interruption work?

Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage reimburses the money you lose if your trip is cancelled or cut short for a sudden, unforeseen covered reason. Trip Cancellation does not cover cancellations for known reasons (e.g. you can’t purchase Trip Cancellation after you or a loved one falls ill, the same way you can’t purchase fire insurance after a fire). Important: Trip Cancellation and Interruption must be purchased at least 10 days prior to departure as an upgrade to the Basic, Plus, or Premium Plan.


What’s covered?

Coverage for cancelled trips:

1. Forfeited nonrefundable prepaid deposits or payments
2. The charge for a single supplement if your traveling companion’s trip is cancelled for a covered reason but yours is not

Coverage for interrupted trips:

1. Forfeited, unused nonrefundable prepaid deposits or payments paid prior to your departure date
2. Additional transportation expenses incurred
3. Additional cost as a result of change in per-person occupancy rate for prepaid travel arrangements if your traveling companion’s trip is interrupted but yours is not

Read the description of coverage for a summary of plan details.

How much does it cost?

Trip Cancellation insurance costs 6.5% of up to the total cost of your trip. For example, if you chose to insure $1000 of your trip cost, Trip Cancellation would cost $65. Minimum trip cost to insure is $400.

How do I purchase?

If you have not yet purchased a Basic, Plus, or Premium Plan, you will have the ability to purchase Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption coverage as part of the checkout process. To begin that process, click here.

If you already have an active Basic, Plus, or Premium Plan and would like to add on the Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption coverage, click here. Please have your Order Number or Policy Number ready.

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