What to Bring Overseas – Volunteer Card

What to Bring Overseas

Packing List

A common conversation amongst volunteer travelers is what to bring overseas. Although packing lists vary greatly from trip to trip and person to person, there are a few things that should be found in as many bags as possible, to ensure safety and comfort.

The Basics

  • First-aid kit, including bandages, Q-tips, eye drops, earplugs, wet wipes, antibiotic cream, and medications for allergies, colds, and pains
  • Plastic pill bottles as containers for such small items as cotton balls, safety pins, rings, or earrings
  • Travel alarm clock or a stop watch with an alarm for your wake-up calls
  • Adapters for electrical appliances
  • All required travel documents (passport, visa, tickets, vaccinations, etc.)
  • Travel insurance information
  • An additional copy of your passport and visa

Find a very helpful comprehensive list of what to bring overseas from the U.S. State Department here.