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Important Things to Know

  1. Basic, Plus and Premium travel insurance plans must be purchased prior to departure from home address.
  2. The Basic Plan is single-trip card. The Plus and Premium Plans are single or multi-trip cards. If using for multiple trips, the card will cover qualifying* trips taken within the 365-day coverage period. Valid trip lengths vary by plan (see details in chart below under ‘Trip Length’).
  3. Card price is a one-time, all-inclusive charge. It includes travel protection coverage, 24/7 travel assistance, and discounts provided by Remember Group. Renewal is up to you.
  4. Coverage price does not increase with the age of participant.
  5. Plans have no deductible.
  6. See our FAQ for more.


Travel Protection Plans

Limits are up to amounts shown below.

[price_table id=3588]

*A trip for the purpose of volunteer organization projects or nonprofit organization projects.




365 plan

Travel Insurance For Six Months Or More


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