COVID Information

Basic, Plus, and Premium Plans

These plans include coverage for unforeseen events that might happen to an insured while traveling. All three plans offer Medical Expense and Trip Delay coverage, but the coverage limits vary based on the plan type. You may purchase each of these plans up to one day prior to trip departure.

Medical Expense Coverage

Benefits may be provided to reimburse for expenses for treatment received while traveling due to unforeseen illnesses and injuries. This could include the medical treatment received while traveling if the insured contracts COVID-19 as verified by a signed Attending Physician Statement or a lab report of a positive COVID-19 test administered and supervised by an accredited third party laboratory (such as CVS, Walgreens, etc.) Results solely from an at-home test are not acceptable.


Trip Delay Coverage

What happens if an insured is trying to return home from their destination, but tests positive for COVID-19 and is forced to extend their stay and quarantine? The Travel Delay benefit that is included in each of these plans can reimburse, up to the benefit limit, the cost of the extra hotel nights, meals, and local transportation that might be needed during the quarantine. The Premium Plan has the highest Travel Delay limit at $2,000.

*Quarantine means the enforced strict isolation and confinement of You at a single location, for medical reasons, pursuant to an order by an official government authority, a lawfully authorized deputy of such authority, or a licensed practicing Physician, which prevents any interaction with other persons for a specified period of time not exceeding the incubation period for a contagious disease to which You  have been exposed. Governmental orders imposing Prohibited Access, social distancing, self-isolation that does not meet all of the requirements set forth above, shelter in place, or stay at home requirements or recommendations do not constitute a Quarantine

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Benefit (TC/TI)

These benefits are available only as an optional upgrade to the Basic, Plus, or Premium Plan. TC/TI  can help reimburse the pre-paid, unused and nonrefundable trip costs if an insured is forced to cancel their trip or cut it short for one of the unforeseen covered reasons listed in your plan. This plan must be purchased prior to the event giving rise to cancellation in order for coverage to apply.

Prior to Departure

As with any other illness, if an insured contracts COVID-19 prior to departure and is advised by a physician that they are not fit to travel at the time of departure, the insured may be eligible for reimbursement, up to the insured amount, for the pre-paid, unused and nonrefundable trip costs that they would otherwise lose.

While Traveling

If an insured tests positive for COVID-19 while traveling and is forced to quarantine, as defined above, during the trip, they may be eligible for the pre-paid, unused and nonrefundable trip or tour costs that they are missing out during the quarantine period. Additionally, if the quarantine extends beyond the original return date, there may be coverage available for the additional transportation costs to return home.

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