1000 Meals for 1000 Followers – Volunteer Card

1000 Meals for 1000 Followers

1000 Meals for 1000 Followers

1000 Meals for 1000 Followers

We’re about to reach 1000 followers in our Twitter community, which is a huge deal for us! We thought about giving away stuff to show our appreciation. Ya know, a gift card, an iPod, all the usual suspects.

Then we remembered who you are.

Our followers are people who care about the world and strive to do whatever you can to promote the welfare of our people and our planet. You are people who give back.

So it works like this:

When we reach 1000 followers on @VolunteerCard, we will donate 1000 meals to people in need through our nonprofit partners Feed My Starving Children and Venture Expeditions.

One meal for each of you.

Thank you for being part of the journey! Tell your friends, and they can be part of it, too. As always, we are overwhelmed by and grateful for your support.

— The Volunteer Card Team