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Why Should I Volunteer?

Why Should I Volunteer?

Why Should I Volunteer?

There are so many reasons to volunteer your time and to help where help is needed, but in the rush of everyday life we come up with just as many not to. Reasons to volunteer are not hard to come by; whether it is to make a big difference in another person’s life, have a little fun or make great personal strides, the important thing is to just do it no matter your reasoning. Every individual possesses special skills and knowledge that will help in a variety of circumstances.

So to answer the question, ‘Why should I volunteer?’ we have 5 great reasons. For the next two weeks, we’ll discuss a couple of those reasons and some of the different ways that you can put them into practice.

Reason #1: You can make a difference by volunteering

When it comes to the big picture sometimes we get caught up in our own big pictures, focusing solely on our goals, our careers and our lives. There is always someone else that can make enough of a difference for us, but reality is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make a difference. So, what can you do to impact your local community or even a community abroad?

Staying Local

If you are looking to stay local, figure out what causes you’re most passionate about. In your own community you can find an animal shelter, a human rights center, or an environmental organization to volunteer with. These, along with several other causes, are very important aspects to creating and maintaining healthy communities.

Traveling Abroad

Many volunteers are anxious to pack up and experience a different part of the world. Wherever your destination may be, there is likely to be a need you can fill. Volunteering on a farm, a butterfly conservatory, or teaching abroad can be life changing for you and those you’re serving.

How are you making a difference through volunteerism?


Photo: Creative Commons; VISIONS Service Adventures