Why Should I Volunteer – Reasons 2 & 3 – Volunteer Card

Why Should I Volunteer – Reasons 2 & 3

Why Should I Volunteer – Reasons 2 & 3

Why Should I Volunteer – Reasons 2 & 3

On Tuesday we began a discussion about why everyone should volunteer. We have identified 5 reasons why we believe that volunteering, either locally or internationally, is beneficial. For the next several days we’ll be working our way through the list of reasons. We’d love for you to join the conversation.

Today we offer two more answers to the question, “Why Should I volunteer?”

Reason #2: Volunteering improves society

We reason with ourselves that society will continue on, on its own, and while that is true, it is also true that society can always be improved. By volunteering to help on a recycling campaign you can make your community that much cleaner, and reduce the world’s waste by more than you were before you were volunteering.

Reason #3: Volunteering helps others

Helping others is usually the most popular reason to volunteer, but sometimes what is required is mistaken. Helping others is accomplished by all volunteering efforts, whether it is in a human oriented mission or not. For example, volunteering at a food bank may not have direct human contact, but that food can make a world of difference to others.

Don’t miss out on all 5 reasons why you should volunteer! Find the links below.

  1. Volunteering makes a difference
  2. Volunteering improves society
  3. Volunteering helps others
  4. Volunteering connects you with your community and helps you gain experience
  5. Volunteering fosters family bonding

How would you answer the question, “Why should I volunteer?”

Photo: Creative Commons; Capital Area Food Bank of Texas