Support Families in Argentina by Donating Your Old Camera – Volunteer Card

Support Families in Argentina by Donating Your Old Camera

Support Families in Argentina by Donating Your Old Camera

Support Families in Argentina by Donating Your Old Camera

We found out about this great organization, Cloudhead, via Twitter today. They’ve come up with an awesome way to help out communities in Argentina through the donation of old digital cameras. This cause was so cool and unique, I thought I’d reblog it so you can participate.

Cloudhead Call For Cameras: See What Your Used Digital Can Do!

Last year, we sent out a call for your second hand digital cameras, and you responded! In less than a month, we reached our goal of 20 cameras to use for Wichi/H2O, a photography project that puts your cameras in the hands of children living in Wichi communities in the Salta province of Argentina.

A Peek Into Our Visit To Hickmann

We arrived with two carloads of donated clothing and food, handed out the clothing, made lunch for the almost 200 people in the community and while lunch was cooking, we handed out cameras.

The kids loved it! And they learned so unbelievably quickly.

Most of them only speak the Wichi language, so we weren’t able to communicate directly in Spanish, but it didn’t seem to matter. They picked up the basics in seconds and then began teaching each other how to zoom, change filters. We returned to Salta with more than three thousand photos.

Check them out by joining our Cloudhead Art Facebook page.

Onto Our Second Goal!

Help us bring 80 digital cameras back to Argentina!

Hickmann alone has over one hundred families with at least one child. And there are hundreds of Wichi communities in the Salta province. Most do not have enough food and clothing to go around. Many don’t even have a clean water supply.

We want to take the photos taken by the children of these communities and curate them for gallery exhibition and sale all over the world. The money made from sales goes back to support the artists and their families.

They share their lives, culture and language with you!

It all begins with your unused second hand cameras! Want to get involved? Here’s how you can help!

What We Need?

Your functioning digital cameras. We would like cameras of at least 8 megapixels.  They should be in good working condition. It’s best if they take drugstore batteries, but if you have one that requires a proprietary battery, please include it along with the charger.

If you have SD or XD cards of at least 2GB, that is a huge plus. Memory sticks and battery chargers also greatly appreciated.

How To Send Your Cameras

For people living in the United States or anywhere other than Argentina.

You can mail the cameras directly to our Atlanta mailing address.

Leigh Shulman
c/o Jane Steele
5505 Roswell Road, Ste 300
Atlanta, GA 30342

For people living in Argentina:

If you live anywhere other than Salta, you can send me a text to my Argentina cell 0387 15 539 4777 or e-mail me at leigh (at) and we can figure a way to get them.

If you live in or are visiting Salta, call or text and let’s go for a coffee. You can bring them then.

And please include your e-mail address so we can send you updates of how the project is progressing. We’ll make sure to include first-look photos of our visits to Hickmann and elsewhere.

Any Questions? Feel free to e-mail me with any thoughts, questions or comments at leigh (at)