Organization Snapshot – Palmetto Medical Initiative – Volunteer Card

Organization Snapshot – Palmetto Medical Initiative

Organization Snapshot – Palmetto Medical Initiative

Organization Snapshot – Palmetto Medical Initiative

One awesome part about working in the humanitarian travel insurance industry is getting to know some truly amazing organizations that are sending teams of people around the world to do great things.  We are excited to feature our new friends, Palmetto Medical Initiative, this month on our Snapshot Blog.

Why Palmetto Medical Initiative?

Palmetto is a non-profit whose vision is to see impoverished communities take ownership in a sustainable healthcare model.  The goal is that communities of people will become empowered and begin to see long-term change and improvements in the quality of life. Palmetto also gives healthcare professionals and students the chance to work in clinics around the world.

How did it start?

Matt Alexander, a non-profit leader, and Dr. Ed O’Bryan, a physician and medical missions director, came together to develop PMI in 2008. They both believed that treating undeserved populations was possible and so they put together a team of collaborators and supports and set out to work. The first PMI team traveled to Uganda in 2009 for a site visit and immediately recognized the healthcare needs in the communities they visited. PMI began mobilizing resources from globally-minded groups and individuals to create a sustainable medical clinic on the ground in Uganda and in various other communities across the world. Because PMI’s healthcare facilities charge for services they have been able to create a self-sustaining loop of ‘prevention, patronage and health’ by not only offering quality care at a reasonable price but also by employing individuals from the populations in which they serve. PMI is dedicated to cultural, economic and healthcare transformations around the world.

How can you get involved?

Palmetto Medical Initiative sends teams of 30-60 volunteers on quarterly short-term trips to work on projects in Masindi, Uganda and Viego, Nicaragua. People that are interested in participating in a trip can find more information here. If you’re not quit ready to visit a site you can support Palmetto’s initiative by purchasing one of their awesome t-shirts!

Get to know them better by visiting their website, liking them of Facebook or following them on Twitter.


Photo Credit: Palmetto Medical Initiative