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5 Traits of Great Volunteer Team Members: Selflessness

5 Traits of Great Volunteer Team Members: Selflessness

5 Traits of Great Volunteer Team Members: Selflessness

Volunteering in a selfless manner can be challenging. Sometimes giving gets hard and the passion behind your volunteerism can wear thin. It’s in times like these that conflict and even safety accidents can occur. Here are three things you can do to help keep yourself centered on selflessness during a volunteer trip.

1. Know your limits

Everybody has limits and those can often times be challenged on a volunteer trip. To avoid that burnt out feeling you can:

  • Take into consideration the amount of sleep you’re getting.
  • Schedule time for personal activities that rejuvenate you such as a long walk or run, journaling, or reading a book.
  • Spend 10 – 15 minutes everyday focusing on your reasons for embarking on a volunteer journey. Why are you here? What have you learned?

2. Get inspired

Take some time to connect with the people you’re serving. Knowing their names and their stories will help to inspire you and remind you of why you chose to give up your time and energy to serve.

3. Encourage others

Before your trip even starts, choose to be a team member that helps to encourage others and works to keep a positive environment. Take it upon yourself to set a tone of positivity in all you do.

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Photo: Jayme Jones, Volunteer Card member


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