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10 Tips to Minimize the Risk of Losing Your Luggage

10 Tips to Minimize the Risk of Losing Your Luggage

10 Tips to Minimize the Risk of Losing Your Luggage

If you’ve ever lost your luggage while traveling you know it can really throw a wrench in your travel plans. Lost luggage is, unfortunately, pretty common. But there are also several things you can do to prevent it! By taking a few precautions you can help avoid lost luggage or even prepare yourself if it does happen.

1. Make your luggage stand out

Many suitcases look similar and it’s easy to take another passenger’s luggage by mistake. If your suitcase doesn’t stand out well, add a brightly-colored tag, bandana, or even a colorful piece of tape to help you identify yours easily. Here are some examples!

2. Get the right tags

If you wait until the airport to get your luggage tags you’ll end up with flimsy paper ones that tear easily. Invest in some strong luggage tags like these with your name and contact information.

Pro tip: Make sure your contact information isn’t visible without removing the tag so your info can’t be easily taken by other passengers.

3. Pack light

Are you able to pack everything you need in a carry-on and avoid checked baggage altogether? This is a great option to save time and money! If not, make sure to put your essentials in your carry-on just in case.

4. Put back up contact info inside

If for some reason your luggage tags fall of, a backup copy of your contact information could help airport staff locate you. Place a copy of your info and itinerary inside your suitcase.

5. Lock up your luggage

When traveling, there is not only a risk of losing your entire suitcase but of losing valuables being taken out. Consider getting a TSA-approved lock if you will be carrying anything irreplaceable.

6. Book connections with plenty of time

Tight connections can also cause luggage to go missing if you are hurriedly attempting to re-check your bags. Leave plenty of time between layovers to ensure a smooth transition.

7. Check tags/stickers

Before you give your luggage to the airport staff, make sure you have removed any tags or stickers from previous travel. Old travel information could cause potential confusion as your items are being handled.

8. Arrive early

One of the most common ways luggage gets misplaced is during a hurried check-in. Don’t get yourself in a time crunch arriving at the airport! Arrive with plenty of time to spare and check to make sure the correct tags get placed on your luggage.

9. Be the first one to baggage claim

Try to avoid wasting time in heading to the baggage carousel. Get your luggage quickly after you arrive and make sure to never leave your things unattended.

10. Travel insurance

Don’t forget to have adequate travel insurance. Some travel insurance providers offer coverage for lost or stolen items. You will usually need receipts for original lost items or replacements as well as an incident report which you can file as soon as your baggage is missing.


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