7 Reasons to Travel and Make More Time For It

7 Reasons to Travel and Make More Time For It

7 Reasons to Travel and Make More Time For It

What keeps you from traveling more? Any of these sound familiar:

  • It’s too expensive.
  • I don’t have time to travel
  • I can’t afford to take off work.

Instead of listing why not, ask yourself why. Why do people travel in the first place? Perhaps these seven, inspiring reasons people travel will motivate you to make more time for it!

1. You only live once.

YOLO may be a dying phrase, but there’s still truth behind it: you only get one life to live, and it’s short. Why do people travel? Because the world is enormous, and your time to explore it is limited. There’s no time to waste!

2. Experiences are better (than more stuff).

Science proves experiences makes us happier than buying more things–or something like that. Think about it. When’s the last time you discovered your passion in life by buying a cheeseburger? On second thought, don’t answer that.

3. You expand your horizons.

It’s one thing to learn about countries in history class, but it’s another thing to walk the streets you’ve only read about in a textbook. Travel lets you experience another way of life and gain different perspectives on humanity. Your worldview will shift, and you’ll become a more well-rounded person. Together, these are some of the best reasons to travel more.

4. Meeting people becomes easier.

When thrust into different cultures, you’re forced to meet people. Continually introducing yourself gives you great practice in the world of small talk. Your interpersonal skills will inevitably increase, which is a great resume builder!

5. You make friends.

Hopefully, some of the people you meet during your travels stick around. It’s fun to stay connected with others from around the globe. Not only can you learn a lot from each other, but you might find a great host for whenever you decide to visit again.

6. Authentic food tastes better.

The States have an array of ethnic restaurants, but there’s nothing quite like trying authentic dishes in its country of origin. Right, foodies? Are there better reasons to travel than to taste the fresh,  local cuisine?

7. Regret leaves a bitter taste.

If you don’t travel to see and experience the things on your bucket list, you only have one thing waiting: regret.

Remember reason #1.

So why do people travel? To make friends, lasting memories, and become a better person. Decide to save up. Plan ahead. Take some time off and stop making excuses. Start seeing the world!

What do you have to lose?

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