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5 Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year

5 Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year

5 Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year

Many high school students have no idea what they want to do after graduation. This feeling is normal, and no one should feel less for not knowing what they want to do. Some people believe if you want a good job, you need a college degree. On the other hand, going to college without an idea of what you want to do can be a recipe for disaster. Though college can open more career doors — it isn’t for everyone. If college isn’t for you, a gap year might be a tremendous option. Consider these five reasons for taking a gap year after high school graduation:

1. A Gap Year Can Allow You To Travel The World

Many people don’t get the chance to travel the world. This could be for a variety of reasons — but a gap year allows you to do just that. With a gap year, the possibilities are endless. You can take part in an internship, volunteer work, study abroad, and work on self-development. A gap-year can free you from the monotonousness of school and provide insightful perspectives.

2. A Gap Year Can Create Cultural Awareness

Want to know how to increase cultural awareness? Step out of your comfort zone. Learn how other people live and think. The best way to increase your cultural awareness is to immerse yourself in different cultures. A gap year allows you to step into unfamiliar environments and grow.

3. A Gap Year Can Teach You A New Skill And Give You Work Experience

A gap year is an incredible time to learn new skills and gain work experience. Maybe you have wanted to instruct snowboard lessons in New Zealand, to teach English in Asia, or to practice journalism in Fuji. There are a variety of different gap year ideas that can suit your passions. A gap year is a great time to broaden your horizons, add more tools to your belt, and gain top-notch work experience. One of the common misconceptions about a gap year is that if you take a gap year before college, you will end up losing knowledge, but studies show that it is far from the truth.

4. A Gap Year Allows You To Earn Money

It’s a challenge to earn money and go to school at the same time. A gap year allows you to make money and acquire valuable work experience. You can use the money you save toward future schooling or anything else down the road. Some activities that can allow you to make money during your gap year include: teaching English, working at a resort, counseling at a youth camp, working at a restaurant, market, or nannying. Job opportunities are abundant for anyone with an interest in taking a gap year.

5. A Gap Year Lets You Breathe

It’s unrealistic for high school students to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Studies show the rational part of a teenager’s brain is not developed fully until age twenty-five. A gap year can take off the pressure, allowing students and parents to breathe. A gap year before college provides time for you to travel, gain work experience, improve self-development, and make lifelong friends. Most importantly, a gap year offers more time to discover hidden talents and weigh career options.

A gap year isn’t a step back — it’s a step forward toward self-discovery.

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