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Why Should I Volunteer? – Reason 5

Why Should I Volunteer? – Reason 5

Why Should I Volunteer? – Reason 5

For the last two weeks we’ve been answering the question, “Why should I volunteer?” Of all the reasons we’ve identified in this series, our 5th and final reason for people to volunteer is one of great importance.

Volunteering fosters family bonding

Sporting events, social engagements and play dates consume the majority of a family’s time and cause the group-think that there is no time left for family activities outside of these. But we like to encourage family to find a time when they can get together and work together. Volunteering as a family is one of the best ways to strengthen relationships and honor family values. Volunteering can engage people of all ages. Kids especially can benefit from volunteering as it teaches them about broader things like sacrifice, teamwork, service.

Miss something? Here are all 5 reasons that you should volunteer:

1. Volunteering makes a difference

2. Volunteering improves society

3. Volunteering helps others

4. Volunteering connects you with your community and helps you gain experience

5. Volunteering fosters family bonding

How do you volunteer as a family?

Photo: Creative Commons; Appalachia Service Project


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