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6 Reasons You Need to Plan More Solo Travel Trips

6 Reasons You Need to Plan More Solo Travel Trips

6 Reasons You Need to Plan More Solo Travel Trips

Have you ever traveled by yourself? Solo travel is a growing travel trend that adds risk and adventure to travel, creating incredible, life-changing experiences. If you’re wondering why people find solo travel so intriguing, check out these six, thrilling reasons why you should hop on the bandwagon.

1. Solo travel stretches your boundaries.

Does the idea of planning solo travel trips make you uncomfortable? That’s ok! Solo travel experiences stretch your boundaries in a healthy way that helps you grow as an individual. These new encounters will widen your worldview and your understanding of different cultures.

2. You meet more locals.

When traveling with friends or family, you always have someone to talk to. Contrastly, solo travel prompts you to approach more locals. During transits and cafe visits, you’ll have more opportunities to meet locals and encounter an authentic, cultural experience.

3. You follow your own schedule.

Solo travel trips let you call the shots. If you want to start exploring at 6 a.m. or sleep in until noon, no one will stop you. Your timetable is your own.

4. You focus on your interests.

If you want to try a local bistro for lunch or tour an art gallery for seven hours, you can! You don’t need to appease anyone else, so you can finally discover and experience all the things you want during your trip–without feeling guilty.

5. You build confidence.

Traveling alone takes immense courage. You book the tickets, make the flights, and call the shots. This added responsibility will build self-confidence. You’ll discover more about yourself and what you’re capable of doing, which will translate to many areas of your life.

Pro tip: Confidence is one of those soft skills employers love to find in new hires!

6. You have time to reflect.

If you have a quiet, contemplative personality, you’ll enjoy the endless time to reflect on your surroundings and newfound experiences. Solo travel trips provide opportunities to meditate and process what you’re learning at a pace that makes you feel comfortable.

If you decide to give solo travel a try, make sure to take some extra steps to stay safe during your travels:

  • Tell someone back home your itinerary and travel dates.
  • Regularly check-in with someone to update your whereabouts.
  • Only stay in lodging that makes you feel safe.

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