5 Ways to Appreciate Volunteers – Volunteer Card

5 Ways to Appreciate Volunteers

5 Ways to Appreciate Volunteers

5 Ways to Appreciate Volunteers–Without Giving Money

Volunteers are everywhere. They give their time at schools, homeless shelters, churches, and countless other places. Maybe you know people giving a little extra with a smile on their face, simply because they want to. These gems deserve some appreciation.

Here’s how–without giving money:

These little acts of gratefulness stem from the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.

1. Bake some goodies

Sweets are a sure way to show appreciation. All it takes is a flour mix and a bit of your time to bake some heart-warming goodness. Surprise the volunteers in your life with a little home-baked love. Bonus if you bake their favorite dessert! If baking isn’t your thing, the local bakery always has some great options.

2. Coffee break

Invite the volunteer out for coffee and some quality chit-chat. If you work together, maybe take your lunch break at the same time. Give a little of your time to show your appreciation, and it will resonate long after punching back in.

3. Write a note

Write a heartfelt note; be sincere and specific with your compliments. Praise the volunteer’s personal qualities or mention a distinct moment you remember. The volunteer will appreciate your keen sense of awareness and will find ongoing encouragement by re-reading your words.

4. Run an errand

Volunteers give without expecting much in return. Acknowledge their services by offering them yours. Maybe the volunteer needs an extra hand babysitting or doesn’t have time to pick up groceries. Surprise the volunteer by extending a helping hand.

5. Smile

Body language says a lot about how you value a person. To show appreciation to the volunteers in your life, face them when they speak. Offer a friendly smile. Laugh when they say something funny, but make sure your response is genuine, otherwise your efforts will backfire.

Random acts of kindness go a long way, especially when you’re giving back to someone who keeps on giving.


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Want more ideas to express your gratefulness? Check out this PDF on speaking the 5 love languages in the workplace.