Voluntourism Is Arguably The Best Way To Travel – Volunteer Card

Voluntourism Is Arguably The Best Way To Travel

Voluntourism Is Arguably The Best Way To Travel

Voluntourism Is Arguably The Best Way To Travel

Let’s play a game: Voluntourism is the best way to travel. Think you can change our mind?

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Just kidding! We know voluntourism is the best way to travel. Here are six reasons why volunteer travel is literally the best thing you can do for yourself and the world.

1. Voluntourism encourages sustainable practices

Many countries are at risk of overtourism. What does that mean? Although tourism helps fund many economies, tourism can become a problem once it begins to threaten the lives of locals and the natural environment. Overtourism can occur when too many resorts get built and push residential housing out of the city. It can happen when tourism skyrockets local unemployment or tourists threaten the local culture. Voluntourism does just the opposite. Instead, it nurtures the local people, the culture, and the land.

2. Voluntourism helps local communities thrive

The heart of voluntourism is all about helping people. When you travel, you can pour back into local communities: restoring neighborhoods, educating children, nurturing the environment, and supporting small shops. Every facet of voluntourism can make a positive impact on the place you visit. Finally, you can travel guilt-free, knowing you’re helping the local communities thrive.

3. Voluntourism provides an authentic cultural experience

Voluntourism launches over tourist traps and into the heart of culture. By volunteering for the residents and situations in need, you’ll get an unfiltered look at local life. If you partner with a local, you’ll learn the ins and outs of where to go, what to do, and what to see. You’ll sleep, eat, and play like the locals. Voluntourism will give you a cultural experience unlike any other.

4. Voluntourism allows you to grow and mature

Make sure you’re prepared when joining a voluntourism experience–because you won’t return the same. Seeing another part of the world and how other people live might change your worldview. You may question the things you thought were right or objective truth. Asking questions leads to growth and maturity, which means voluntourism might launch your profound journey of self-discovery.

5. Voluntourism builds your resume

This point may sound out of place, but it’s true! Taking a Mediterranean cruise won’t help you get a job, but coaching soccer for children in China just might. Now more than ever, employers seek to hire employees with acquired soft skills such as adaptability to rapid change, effective communication, and critical thinking. Diving into voluntourism can help you develop these valuable skills, and more!

Pro tip: Learn how you can incorporate your volunteer abroad experience on your resume.

6. Voluntourism helps you make a global difference

Wouldn’t be incredible if something you enjoyed, like travel, could make the world a better place? Well, it can if you mix travel with volunteer work. Do you want to travel? Are you looking for an authentic, cultural experience? Do you want to make a global difference? Then, my friend, voluntourism is your best ticket.

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