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Top 9 Apps for Traveling Abroad

Top 9 Apps for Traveling Abroad

Download These 9 Apps Before Takeoff

With millions of apps to choose from, we thought of narrowing the list of what you should download before taking off for your next trip abroad:

1. Viber.

Although Skype shines as the stable app for video calling, Viber offers similar services without using as much data. The app is free to use and allows you to text or call anyone using the app, no matter where you are. Downloading is a cinch, considering the app identifies you by your phone number, so there’s no hassle of remembering a username and password. (A wifi connection is required.)

2. Accuweather.

Wherever you are, it’s important to know the impending weather so you can dress accordingly. With location enabled, this handy app shows the weekly forecast and can generate an hourly satellite reading, so the weather will never catch you by surprise.

3. SayHi Translate.

An iPhone exclusive, this app offers better services than Google Translate! Its incredibly easy format allows you to speak into the phone and translate your speech into 40 different languages–and that’s just with the free version. You can opt to pay $2.99 for three month’s access to more languages.

4. Amount.

Metric system got you confused? What to know how much 1,500 yen costs in USD? Not a problem! This handy app does all the math for you without stressing you with a headache.

5. Like a Local.

Have some free time to explore? This app gives you insider reviews from locals, pointing out the best niches to visit or stop in for a bite. The app is very particular on who it allows to post reviews, so you can trust you’ll find some of the best places around.

6. Flush.

When you gotta go, you gotta go! One of the most embarrassing situations is to find yourself trapped in a new place with a full bladder and nowhere to…release. With this app, you can avoid the abdominal cramping, because it finds all the restrooms closest to your current location.

7. Prey Anti-Theft.

In today’s technological age, our phones act like our personal identity carriers. There are fewer things more important that ensuring the information stored on our phones stay secure. With this app, you can report your phone as “missing,” and it will deliver its geolocation, a silent screenshot of the culprit, and many other features you never knew you needed.

8. Mobile Passport.

Tired of wasting time at customs in the airport? With this CBP approved app, US citizens and Canadian visitors can expedite their entry into the US at 21 international airports. The app is free to use, but it does not replace your actual passport, so make sure you keep your official document with you during your travels.

9. Moovit.

As the world’s number one transit app, Moovit partners with over 1,400 cities in over 75 countries to provide an extensive guide of local transportation routes. You can join millions of users and never get caught without a ride again.

Have you used any of these apps? Would you add any more apps to our list? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!