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Female Traveler: What You Should Wear in the Middle East

Female Traveler: What You Should Wear in the Middle East

Female Traveler: What You Should Wear in the Middle East

It’s no secret: Middle Eastern culture is highly conservative. Local women typically wear head dressings to cover themselves. As a female traveler, you might wonder how you can respect the local culture while staying comfortable in your skin.

This article is not body-shaming.

This article is not prejudiced against women.

This article simply reflects another culture.

By merely respecting local dress codes during your visit, you’ll keep away unwanted attention and interact more naturally with the locals. If you want to respect Middle Eastern culture during your stay, here are some things to consider:

Important Notes

Before diving into what you should and shouldn’t wear, there are some important factors about traveling to the Middle East:

Temperatures are scorching.

However, this doesn’t permit you to wear shorter pants and tank tops. If you want an array of modest options that will still keep you cool, check out Coolibar. Not only will their clothing keep you covered and cool, but they will protect you from the sun, too!

Churches, mosques, and other religious areas are stricter on dress code.

If you wander around the city, you’ll want to make a note of the designated religious areas. These sacred spaces are stricter on dress codes. This is why carrying light accessories, such as a scarf, comes in handy!

When it comes to what you should and shouldn’t wear in the Middle East, here’s a quick overview:


When it comes to tops, cover your shoulders and midriffs. If a shirt is tight, transparent, or low-cut, don’t risk wearing it in the Middle East.

X Spaghetti straps
X Sleeveless tops
X Low-cuts
X Midriffs
X Slogans


For bottoms, avoid wearing anything above the knee. This rule applies to pants, skirts, and dresses. Your best option is probably a Maxi skirt, as it provides the best coverage and optimal airflow in the dry heat.

Ankle-length capris
Leggings (under skirts)
Maxi skirts
Long dresses
X Shorts
X Short Skirts
X Skinny or ripped jeans


No matter where you wander in the Middle East, it’s easy to add one of these versatile accessories to any outfit.

X Short Skirts
X Skinny or ripped jeans

Pro tip: Looking for some DIY solutions to tie a scarf or wear a pashmina? Check out these videos!

Want to reference the info in this article quickly? Feel free to download and share the infographic below!

INFOGRAPHIC - Female Traveler: What to Wear in the Middle East