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The Ultimate Packing List: How to Remember Your Travel Essentials

The Ultimate Packing List: How to Remember Your Travel Essentials

The Ultimate Packing List

How to Remember Your Travel Essentials

Do you forget where you left your keys?

…Right after you found your phone?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Of those who travel, 98% suffer from forget-to-pack-oasis. Good thing it isn’t fatal.

If you struggle with how to remember your travel essentials, here are five tips for you:

1. Pack in Advance

Life gets busy. You work a nine to five, cook dinner, and absorb some Netflix before crashing into bed. The days roll by in this endless cycle as your departure date draws closer and closer…

Although it’s easy to push off packing for a long trip, please resist the urge. Don’t pack the night before. If you do, you’re more likely to forget something on your packing list.

Instead, dedicate five or ten minutes each evening and focus on checking off one section of your packing list. Before you know it, you’ll have your luggage packed and ready to go!

Maybe even early.


2. Divvy Packing Tasks

Instead of driving yourself crazy in a packing frenzy, recruit a team to help.

If you’re traveling with others, don’t try packing everything on your own. Split up the packing tasks. One person can gather crucial documents. Another can compile the first aid kit, etcetera, etcetera.

Dividing the responsibility will bring your mind to ease.

At least, that’s the goal.

3. Keep Bedside Notes

It’s hard to sleep when you’re rehearsing your packing list over and over again.

Instead of mulling over what you need for your upcoming trip, keep sticky notes on your bedside table. Whenever you remember something to pack, jot it down. You’ll get a better night’s sleep knowing you can quickly review your lengthy list in the morning.

Plus, you’re less likely to forget those last-minute items you remembered at 2 a.m.

Just don’t lose the sticky notes.

4. Leave Out Toiletries

Bathroom products are some of the most commonly forgotten items to pack for a trip. Why? Because: you use them right before leaving.

Here’s how to never forget your hairbrush–again.

The night before your departure, make sure to pack all the toiletries you can. (Remember to keep all liquids under 3.4 ounces for carry-ons.)

For the items you’ll need in the morning, leave everything in sight on the bathroom counter. This way, your morning groggy self won’t forget to grab the toothpaste from the top left drawer.

Of course, this only works if you remember to leave everything out the night before.

5. Listen to Gut Hunches

If you walk out the door and feel like you’re forgetting something, you probably are. Gut hunches are usually right.

Either confirm your gut or put it to rest with a double-triple check:

  • Go down your packing list again.
  • If you can’t remember if you packed something, take two seconds and check your bag.
  • Walk through your house or apartment.
  • Step inside each room and do a mental check of all the things you packed from that room.
  • Open drawers.
  • Rummage through cabinets.
  • Peel back floorboards.

And if you still forget something…

Learn for next time.

If you can, purchase what you need at your destination–though it might cost you seven times the original price. The outrageous withdrawal might be the reminder you need.

If not, living without the said item for the entire trip might help you remember.


…Maybe not.

What are your packing hacks? Help a fellow frequent flyer by commenting your tips and tricks below, or sharing them on our Facebook or Twitter.

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