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How to Travel Alone Safely as a Woman

How to Travel Alone Safely as a Woman

How to Travel Alone Safely as a Woman

Solo female travel is a rising trend. Once stigmatized as risky and dangerous, solo female travel has blossomed into an adventurous and liberating activity. If you’re wondering how to travel alone safely as a woman, consider these safety tips so you can go with confidence.

Preparing your bags

Pack light.

The lighter you pack, the less you need to haul around on your own. You can pack all the essentials in a carry-on with this list.

Dress like a local.

Dressing like a local will let you wander and explore without drawing attention to yourself.

Wear a fake wedding ring, if single.

If local men think you’re married, your faux ring will deter plenty of unwanted attention.

Tips for taking transportation

Budget for unexpected cab rides.

If the weather takes a turn, you wind up staying somewhere later than expected, or you don’t feel comfortable walking home alone, it’s wise to set extra money aside for ridesharing.

Snap a picture of the cab license.

Before you get into any rideshare vehicle, make sure you take a picture of the license plate.

Avoid sleeping on trains.

Don’t take overnight trains if you can help it.

Walking the city streets

Know where you’re going.

Lost or confused tourists are top targets. Before leaving your hotel, make sure you know where you’re going and how to get there.

Divide your cash.

Spread out your money in multiple places. If you misplace your bag, you’ll be glad to have extra cash hidden inside your sock.

Stay alert.

Travelers often walk while transfixed on their phones or listening to music. If you keep one earbud out, you’ll stay aware of what’s happening around you.

Learn a few phrases.

If you’re traveling somewhere and the locals speak a different language, you should memorize a few key phrases so you can get around easier.

Finding accommodations

Do your research.

Make sure you consult several review sites to find highly rated accommodations for your travels. It’s best to find accommodations that make you feel safe and comfortable, even if it costs a bit more.

Book ahead of time.

Some travelers like spontaneity with travel, but knowing ahead of time where you’ll stay is a smart move for solo female travel.

Keep two sets of hotel keys with you.

Stash one in your day bag and another in your pocket, just in case your bag gets lost or stolen.

Use a portable security alarm.

A portable security alarm will add security and ease to your solo female travel. Just wedge the doorstop security alarm under your hotel, bedroom, or bathroom door. Once pressure applies, a screeching alarm will sound, alerting you and the neighbors of any intruders.

Stay in touch back home

Give someone your itinerary.

Letting someone on the inside know when and where you’ll be during your travels is a smart way to travel safely and responsibly.

Schedule regular check-ins back home.

Keeping tabs keeps you safe. If something were to happen and you miss a check-in time, your contact at home can start an emergency search sooner.

Invest in a GPS tracker.

Keeping a GPS tracker with you will give your loved ones back home peace of mind. They can check your location throughout your solo female travel and ensure you’re safe. When choosing the right GPS for your trip, make sure you consider its features like battery life and WiFi or Bluetooth compatibility.

Buy travel insurance

Want to know how to travel alone safely as a woman?

One of the best steps you can take is to buy travel insurance.

Not only will it cover you in case of unexpected emergencies, but it will compensate for flight delays and lost or stolen baggage.*

*See your full description of coverage for details.