March Snapshot: WAVES for Development

March Snapshot: WAVES for Development

March Snapshot: WAVES for Development

March’s Snapshot organization is WAVES for Development. Volunteer Card is proud to partner with WAVES. We are really stoked about the awesome opportunities they have for volunteers. WAVES describes their mission like this:

WAVES creates life-enriching experiences in coastal communities through Education programs that develop youth into healthy & empowered adults and Surf Voluntourism programs that engage travelers & transform their views of the world and themselves.

WAVES is definitely a unique organization that has figured out how to combine their passion for surfing and adventure with doing good for others.

What You Should Know 

WAVES is an acronym that stands for:

Water – WAVES believes that access to and conservation of water is a necessity for the future of humanity. Through adventure sports, WAVES participants develop a special relationship with this resource, one that is easily applied to conservation activities in their daily lives.

Adventure – WAVES believes adventure is more than just an adrenaline rush. By strapping on leashes and surfing, participants build confidence, stay healthy and foster meaningful relationships while enjoying the natural environment.

Voluntourism – Combining travelers’ passion for surfing with their desire to serve is possible with WAVES Adventure Voluntourism Tourism program. Volunteers contribute to community service activities while enjoying the adventure sports they love.

Education – WAVES believes that knowledge is empowering. WAVES helps coastal communities use their natural environment to create educational opportunities for youth, encouraging them to become confident, responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Sustainability – WAVES believes sustainability contains 4 aspects: ecological, social, political, and economic. Ecological sustainability is the use of, impacts on, and implications for the natural environment. Social sustainability is the initial community participation of the project, the impact on their culture and their willingness to carry it into the future. The political sustainability explores the politics of the destination and other accountability issues of the project. The economic sustainability explores the impact of the money that exchanges hands.

How To Get Involved 

  1. Do some research. So you love to surf, but what else? Do some reading on WAVES’ website to make sure you’re a good fit for the program. You can also keep up with the latest news from WAVES.
  2. Go to Peru for surf voluntourism. If you think working with WAVES is a dream come true, check out the current volunteer opportunities they have in Peru and find out more information here.
  3. Fundraise. If you’ve signed up for a trip, WAVES has some great fundraising ideas and options available here.
  4. Donate. If you’re passionate about WAVES’ mission and would like to help out, you can donate securely through PayPal via WAVES’ website here.


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