Volunteer Story: Kaetlyn Volunteers at Children’s Homes in Kenya

Volunteer Story: Kaetlyn Volunteers at Children’s Homes in Kenya

Volunteer Story: Kaetlyn Volunteers at Children’s Homes in Kenya

One of our partner organizations, uVolunteer, offers international volunteer programs in several countries around the world. The following is a few excerpts from a recent uVolunteer, Kaetlyn, writing about her time volunteering at children’s homes and orphanages in Kenya.To read Kaetlyn’s full story, please visit the uVolunteer blog. Thanks to Kaetlyn and uVolutneer for sharing a great story!

Kaetlyn’s Story:

On Feb 15, James, Celia and I head out for our first day at the New Life Orphanage. The babies are go gorgeous, they have the cutest brown eyes and curly hair. We had a little orientation at New Life, and then started to take care of the babies. Our duties included showing the babies affection, feeding them, and keeping an eye on the toddlers so they don’t get into mischief, especially when we go outside. Every child is so unique and special. It warms your heart to know that you are helping make their day a little better. You are showing that you are there for them, and that they are loved and special. I loved the feeling of picking up a crying baby and cuddling them back to happiness. It is a feeling like no other. A three year old named Bernard loved to play with my hair. He took my hair clips and pony tail out and would try to redo my hair.

Gardening & School

Today at RAHA I helped the mommas make chapatti. I then helped the Lions plant a garden. We planted carrots, onions and lettuce. They boys have so much energy and they are so positive. They are really nice to be around. We had a game of football with them. They are very talented in football and a lot of them want to be professional football players. James and I worked on shapes with the dolphins. A lot of them really struggled with it, they called a rectangle a ‘rectriangle’. It was very rewarding to see most of them catch on to what you are teaching them. It really makes you feel like you are making a difference for them. I worked with Benson Lucka on addition and subtraction. He requested that I give him homework every day. In the morning, he would come to RAHA and make me correct his work. I helped the tigers learn multiplication and long division. Alex was struggling, so I kept him after class was over to help him. He was so proud of himself when he finally caught on.

Grocery Shopping

A man asked us if we could buy him some bread and milk. We agreed and he offered to get the trolly for us. He came in the store with us and soon our trolly was filled with bread, milk, sugar, oil, ugali, and shoe polish. We were unsure of the need for him to buy shoe polish, so after that we told him we were going to pay. We felt good doing this for him as he told us he lived in the slums and had 5 children that have not eaten yet today. We were happy to help!

Last Week in Kenya

Sadly, this is our last week out in Kenya. We had such an amazing time; I never want this experience to end. We went to New Life every day this week for around an hour in the mornings, then went to RAHA Kids after. Michael came to talk to the boys on March 21st. When he walked in the room, all of the boys knew who he was and they were very shy. They were so shocked to see a celebrity has come to see them. James and I had a great feeling of success knowing that we are really helping these boys. We went to New Life and I donated the rest of my donations. A 94 year old lady from Canada made a bunch of blankets for me to take to give to the kids in Kenya. She requested that I take a photo for her of a baby in her blanket. I got my photo for her and I know she will be so happy when I give it. We gave the babies lots of cuddles and enjoyed their company. I am going to be so sad to leave them as they are all so cute. We booked our safari for this weekend, and were so excited to go. We saved the best event for our last weekend in Kenya. I taught the Lions a lesson about the body, focusing on the blood and blood vessels in the body.