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Qualities of a Great Volunteer: Integrity

Qualities of a Great Volunteer: Integrity

Qualities of a Great Volunteer: Integrity

Before embarking on your volunteer trip, take some time to consider what type of person you’d enjoy having as a helper in your own community. Just as you would, volunteer organizations want to place individuals who exemplify integrity in their programs. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principals.

As part of a volunteer team, you will be depended upon by many people. You are being trusted to work alongside the community you are visiting and take care of the facility where you will be staying. Practicing integrity will not only improve your volunteer experience, but it will also help to keep you safe while traveling.

Here are three acts of integrity that can help keep you safe on a volunteer trip:

1. Take responsibility for your mistakes

If something goes awry, find help right away. Don’t be afraid to speak up and talk about what went wrong. With the help of a leader, you will likely be able to work through the problem, fix the mistake, and avoid any future accidents or injuries.

2. Respect others

When you are working with a team, respect is vital. Practice strong lines of communication and healthy conflict resolution to make sure that everyone feels safe and informed.

3. Work hard

While a volunteer trip may take you to new and exciting places, it’s not meant to be a vacation. Commit fully to the job you have been given and work as hard as you can to accomplish it with the best possible outcome. Focusing on your job and giving it special care will help to eliminate mistakes and accidents, and it will also show the community you’re serving, and your team, that you truly care.

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