How to Volunteer Abroad & Indulge Your Interests in Italy – Volunteer Card

How to Volunteer Abroad & Indulge Your Interests in Italy

How to Volunteer Abroad & Indulge Your Interests in Italy

How to Volunteer Abroad & Indulge Your Interests in Italy

With its rich history, passionate culture, and colorful architecture, Italy is an envied vacation spot for many. There’s no wonder this stunning country falls in most top 10 travel destination lists. Have you ever wanted to experience Italy in all its richness without falling prey to classic tourist traps? Now you can; all it takes is a little time and talent to volunteer abroad.

Here are ways you can volunteer abroad in Italy while experiencing its culture:

Milk A Cow in Italy

Do you love the smell of fresh soil? Do friends gush about your magical, green thumb? Does the idea of farming resurface fond memories of childhood? If you love being in nature and working with your hands, consider putting your talents to use on an Italian farm.

Italian farmers typically manage intimate, family farms. Many cling to their traditional roots of organic farming to grow natural produce unabused by GMOs. By offering your skills in agriculture a few hours a day, you can spend your free time exploring local cuisines or touring expansive vineyards.

Here’s some organic farming opportunities to consider:

  • Members Join Daily Life of Local Farmers – WWOOF Italia
  • Browse Dozens of Family Farm Hosts – Workaway
  • Enjoy Farm Life for an Extended Stay – GoAbroad

Share the Lingua Franca in Italy

Are you a certified teacher? Do you enjoy tutoring? Are you working toward an education degree? Then look no further. You could gain life-changing, hands-on experience in a classroom by volunteering at an Italian school. (Just think how this incredible opportunity could spruce up your resume!)

However, you don’t need a teaching degree to engage Italians with the English language. What better way for Italians to learn English then by holding casual conversation with a native speaker, such as yourself? By joining a host family, you could immerse yourself in Italian culture as they get a taste of yours.

Here’s a few teaching opportunities to consider (both inside and outside the classroom!):

Become an Au Pair in Italy

Do you love working with children? Are you an energetic, responsible individual? Do you enjoy cleaning tasks or cooking ethnic dishes? If so, you would thrive in an overseas childcare program. For those looking for an entry experience, you could help in an after-school program. Or, to dive even deeper, there’s demand for in-house babysitting services.

By staying with an Italian family, you could impact a child’s life and experience the Italian culture in one of the most authentic ways possible. Not only will you gain a fully immersive, cultural experience, but you may just end up with a second family. If this suits your fancy, you’re in luck! Many families are searching for such services (some even pay!), and most would prefer a native English-speaker.

Here’s some after-school/babysitting opportunities:

Splash with Dolphins in Italy

Are you an animal lover? Do ocean waves rejuvenate your soul? Are you passionate about caring for the earth and reducing your ecological footprint in any small way you can? If you enjoy the open waters and studying wildlife, consider putting your passions to practice by volunteering abroad in marine conservation.

With Italy surrounded by seas, there’s plenty of opportunities to engage and analyze marine wildlife. Playful dolphins, exotic jellyfish, and chromatic corals are only a few common sights surrounding Italy’s peninsula. By integrating your love for marine life and commitment to conservation, you can volunteer a few weeks of your time to gain an unforgettable, aquatic experience while improving the environment.

Here’s some marine conservation opportunities:

  • Dolphin Research for Students and Families – Working Abroad
  • Document Dolphin Encounters Near Naples – GoAbroad

With a little creativity and interests considered, you can experience the richness of Italy by volunteering abroad.

Would you consider volunteering abroad in Italy? What opportunity intrigues you the most? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter!