April Snapshot: The Humanity Exchange – Volunteer Card

April Snapshot: The Humanity Exchange

April Snapshot: The Humanity Exchange

April Snapshot: The Humanity Exchange

April’s Snapshot organization is The Humanity Exchange. Volunteer Card is very excited about our new partnership with The Humanity Exchange (THEX) because they are a top-notch volunteer abroad organization. THEX fosters leadership in international development through volunteer, internship, and language learning programs. They describe their mission like this:

To provide an impactful experience abroad for volunteers, while contributing to development in partnership with local communities.

One unique thing about THEX is that it is a social enterprise that operates as a business with social objectives, combining the best practices of for-profits and non-profits. THEX places high value on social good while managing to keep administration costs low. As a result, the average cost of volunteer programs are 20%-60% lower than most similar volunteer-sending organizations.

What You Should Know


THEX believes that it is up to each of us to take action and work with our fellow human beings. THEX’s programs contribute to local development efforts and volunteers rise to the ultimate challenge of living, working, and learning abroad. THEX connects volunteers to the realities of the human condition abroad.


THEX builds on years of experience, and is committed to providing the highest quality experiences abroad with the utmost of integrity.

Mutual Benefit

THEX programs do not impose on communities. Volunteers are only sent when and where they are truly needed. The communities receive volunteers because they truly want a helping hand and to learn from the cultural exchange, not for any other reason. This avoids the experience of a volunteer feeling like they are being babysat.


THEX  always provides pre-placement support and cultural education. This ensures the best possible experience for both the volunteer and the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Humanity Exchange has over 25 programs currently available in several countries.

How to Get Involved 

  1. Use the program finder to find an opportunity that suits you. Keep these things in mind: type of volunteering, location, duration.
  2.  Read about THEX volunteers and their experiences. Check out the blogs and reviews pages.
  3. Apply. Once you’ve made a decision, you can fill out an online application.