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Unique Volunteering Based on Uncommon Hobbies

Unique Volunteering Based on Uncommon Hobbies

Unique Volunteering Based on Uncommon Hobbies

What type of work do you normally associate with the term ‘volunteer’? Many people might assume that the only volunteer jobs are the ones where you rebuild houses, work in a soup kitchen, or teach abroad. While those are very common volunteer jobs, and great ones, opportunities extend much farther.

If you are trying to figure out what type of volunteer position you should be looking for next, just consider what some of your favorite hobbies are. Chances are you will be able to find an organization or club that benefits the world by doing it.

1. Animal volunteer opportunities

There are sanctuaries, animal hospitals, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and conservation projects that work to benefit animals and communities around the world. Animal volunteer opportunities offer a great way for veterinarians, animal care professionals, photographers, and construction workers to build their professional portfolios. A great place to find volunteer opportunities is with our partner Animal Experience International. Whether you are interested in turtle rescue and rehabilitation, elephant rescue work, or wildlife protection there are tons of opportunities for you to get involved.

2. Community development through surf travel

Believe it or not, there are organizations out there that use the sport of surfing in coastal communities to inspire community development. Programs like those through IVC partner, Waves for Development, will let you use your love of surfing to help build community outreach programs, environmental health, and entrepreneurship empowerment for youth in the local area.

3. Enrichment for developmentally disabled adults

Unfortunately, many countries around the world do not have access to health care or benefits for developmentally disabled individuals. If this is something that you have a passion for, a great place to volunteer would be with an organization that provides health and medical programs for those lacking access. Our partner, Project Helping Hands, has many volunteer opportunities in South America, Africa, and Asia to consider.

4. Exchange your valuable skills for housing

There are needs all over the world and chances are you have a skill that someone could benefit from. By working with organizations such as SkillStay you could volunteer your skills in exchange for a place to live. The benefit is that your host is getting the help they need and you are getting to experience a new way of life and a fantastic new location!

5. Volunteer to enrich ecological farming practices

There are big and small farms all around the world that provide food for their local communities and even the global community. In exchange for your work on a farm, you could experience education and a new culture!  If sustainable farming practices is something that you are passionate about, consider checking out an organization like our partners, Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Have you experienced an uncommon volunteer opportunity? Tell us about it in the comment section of this blog!