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8 Easy Ways You Can Reduce Stress While Traveling

8 Easy Ways You Can Reduce Stress While Traveling

8 Easy Ways You Can Reduce Stress While Traveling

Imagine hauling a duffle bag, zipped to the brim, with a hefty backpack straining your shoulders. Clearing TSA took an hour longer than expected. You have five minutes before takeoff. Your purse thumps against your side as you hold everything together and sprint toward your gate yelling, “Hold the plane!”

Has this scenario ever happened to you?

Although many factors occur outside of your control, you can plan ahead and embrace the moment to enjoy stress-free travel. Here are eight ways you can reduce stress while traveling.

1. Pack light

Do you really need ten outfits for a weekend getaway? Hauling around a ton of luggage adds unnecessary travel stress. Pack light and your back will thank you for it. If you stick to this packing list, you should have everything you need for your travels.

2. Prepare for crowds

Unless you travel during the off-season, you’re bound to encounter bustling airports and enormous wait times. Don’t let the hordes stress you out. You can use this extra time to do something productive. Here are some ideas:

  • Listen to your audiobook.
  • Clear up storage on your phone.
  • Talk to the person next to you. (Who does this anymore?)

3. Know your options for a flight delay

If your flight gets delayed, don’t get stressed out. If you get stuck somewhere in a layover, know your options for places to stay the night. Then look at the delay as an adventure waiting to happen. Explore the city or take the extra time to rest.

4. Download maps

Don’t let spotty WiFi ruin your travel plans. If you rely on Google maps to get around, make sure to download the maps you’ll need before you leave. Understanding where to go and knowing how to get there provides a sense of control, which is a practical way to reduce stress while traveling.

5. Locate restaurants

Hungry people are usually not the happiest people. Don’t get caught in the middle of an unfamiliar city without lunch plans. Figure out where you want to eat ahead of time and pack some snacks to tide you over until then. Planning ahead will save your belly, conserve your leisure cash, and minimize stress while traveling.

6. Wear comfy shoes

Travel often comes with long days of sightseeing and extended walking. Though your super cute sandals match every outfit you packed, their lack of functionality can wear you down quickly. Don’t inflict unnecessary stress on your travels, and opt for a comfy pair of walking shoes instead.

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7. Schedule rest time

When planning your itinerary, it’s easy to fill up every moment with events and excursions. Instead, give yourself extra time in the morning. Schedule time to relax at the beach. You want your time away to refresh you–not make you need another break to recuperate.

8. Embrace spontaneity

If a schedule typically binds your day-to-day activities, travel is an excellent opportunity to embrace the gift of spontaneity. The best memories can come from unplanned events, and merely acknowledging that changes are possible can minimize stress while traveling.

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To help reduce stress while traveling, you can plan ahead and embrace the moment–no matter what it brings. The balance between these is key for an enjoyable travel experience.

The best way to reduce stress while traveling is to purchase travel insurance ahead of time. This way, you’ll be covered for unforeseen emergencies.