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5 Reasons You Need the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

5 Reasons You Need the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

5 Reasons You Need the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

Have you ever heard of the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)? It a free, safety service for US citizens either traveling or living abroad. Enrolling in STEP makes it easier for the local US Embassy to contact you, pinpoint your location, and help in case of a travel emergency. Such emergencies can include civil unrest, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, or a family emergency. Smart Traveler Enrollment partners with the US Embassy and provides three, critical benefits while you’re traveling internationally:

✅ Sends updates on local safety and security situations

✅ Alerts you of current travel advisories in your destination

✅ Stores your contact information & assists loved ones to contact you

By registering your trip before you leave, the US Embassy will have an easier time contacting you and your loved ones during a travel emergency. Ready to sign up for your next trip? You can enroll your next trip here. If not, here are five, compelling reasons you should consider the Smart Traveler Enrollment for your international travels.

1. You’re traveling to an unstable region

STEP works best in times of crisis–when you need it most. If you’re entering a country with travel warnings, whether from crime trends, political demonstrations, or weather events, STEP provides travel alerts and emergency assistance to help keep you safe.

2. You’re overseas for months or living abroad

If you’re traveling for six months or more, you may want to consider additional travel protection. Or, if you’re living abroad, STEP provides the American expat with messages about local US Embassy events and services such as voting information, townhall meetings, and legal obligations for US citizens living abroad. You don’t want to miss critical information or an important deadline!

3. You’ll have limited phone and internet access

Maybe you’re traveling somewhere with inadequate coverage. Without the ability to check-in with loved ones, you or your family may feel anxious, especially if you’re going overseas. STEP will add reassurance and give you confidence, as it will help your loved ones contact you in case of a travel emergency.

4. You’re attending a worldwide event

Think Olympics. If attending a global event, you’re joining hundreds and thousands of tourists from around the world. Increasing people and publicity also increases the probability of entering a targeted area. If an emergency were to occur, it might become difficult to pinpoint your location or contact you. Be smart. Be safe. Take the extra steps to enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment before you leave.

5. You want added travel protection

Although STEP isn’t a travel insurance policy, it’s a “step” in the right direction. STEP’s number one priority is to keep traveling US citizens informed, connected, and safe. You’ll feel at ease no matter where you go.

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