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How To Keep New Years Resolutions Guaranteed

How To Keep New Years Resolutions Guaranteed

How To Keep New Years Resolutions Guaranteed

What’s the longest you’ve kept your new year resolutions? Three days? A week? Determination and willpower are not strong enough to lead you to victory. Instead of listing goals as wishful thoughts, here are five, simple tips for keeping new year resolutions–and achieving any other goals you might set throughout the year.

1. Stick to a few

Setting too many goals will overwhelm you. When you don’t manage to stick to all of your goals, you’ll wind up feeling defeated. Although you want to see A, B, C, X, Y, and Z happen, you need to start small.

Choose the most critical goals to start with. Perhaps one is more time-sensitive than the others. In whatever way you decide, narrow down your new year resolutions to one, two, or three goals at max. Any more than this, and you’ll stress yourself out to keep them all.

2. Create SMART goals

People usually set big goals without a way to achieve them. If you want to know how to keep new year resolutions for long-term, you need to set yourself up for success. Create SMART goals. SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Results-focused
  • Time-bound

Instead of saying, “I’m going to travel more this year,” break it down into concrete, actionable steps you can take. For instance, you can revise the previous goal into:

  • I will travel this year to spend time with family and see the world. (specific)
  • I will travel once a month, with at least one trip leaving the country. (measurable)
  • I will put $500 a month towards traveling. (achievable)
  • Traveling with family will create lasting memories and open my worldview. (results-focused)
  • I will achieve my goal by this time next year. (time-bound)

**Download this PDF to help you write and devise your personalized SMART goals.** 

3. Reward small, daily choices

Your small, everyday choices matter.

Saying no to a Starbucks to put money toward a travel fund is a small step toward achieving your goal. Don’t just celebrate the ultimate win–celebrate tiny victories like these.  If you reward yourself along the way, you’re more likely to reach the end goal.

4. Commit. Stay consistent.

Commitment and consistency are vital for success. If you’ve ever heard of forming a habit in 21 days, we’re sorry to tell you–it’s a myth.

Change is rarely easy, especially if you’re breaking old habits to form new ones. Somewhere along the journey, you may feel tempted to give up. Don’t listen. Don’t give in. Instead:

  • Remind yourself of why you want to reach your goal.
  • Keep visible reminders around you to encourage yourself.
  • Talk with others about your small successes to stay on course.

By continually reminding yourself the “why” behind your goals, you’ll find the motivation to continue in the “how.” Remember, patterns form habits.

5. Keep it flexible. Forgive yourself.

Don’t throw away an entire goal if you mess up once. Every day brings an opportunity to say yes and to keep moving forward. It’s ok to pivot how you’re achieving your goal if you’re still reaching the end result. Stuff happens. Give yourself grace. If making a change in your plan will improve your well-being and help you achieve your goal, do it.

Want to know how to keep new year’s resolutions? Don’t set another list of lofty resolutions. Instead, give these five simple tips a try. You hold the power to make positive changes in your life. The question is: will you?

What goals do you plan to set this year? What tips for keeping new year resolutions will you use?